I wonder why they call me the phdonderer…

Perhaps I should have known, as I was crawling back into bed at 6.30am this morning having switched off the alarm clock, that today would not be the productive day I had anticipated. 

Stretched out before me was a rare, almost free day – my PhD supervision had been cancelled, affording me an extra week to attempt to piece together some structure and…dare I say it…maybe even some words, I had no classes to teach and only one student booked in for learning support.  The plan, in my head, was to spend the day in my quiet, empty classroom, reading and beginning to create an outline of my literature review.  It’s now 9.20pm, and I have read 3 pages of an article, emailed a list of problems to the university policy officer, taken the cat to the vet and started a blog. 


The problem is, while the free day was rare, the ability to waste almost an entire day doing anything other than PhD-related activities is something I have practised and finely tuned over the past 28 months.  Thank goodness I’m a part-time student, as I think that technically means I’ve only really wasted 14 months.  I allocated 6 years for this scholarly tough mudder.  I have 44 months left.  If I continue to procrastinate with this level of professionalism, I’ll have completed my 6 years in no time.  Unfortunately, I will most likely have no thesis to defend at the Viva.  I know the Viva is supposed to be nerve-wracking, but I’d like to give it a bash at least. 

So, onwards and upwards.  It’s Friday, which means I can address today’s lack of productivity over the weekend.  I’ll do it as soon as we have picked up my husband’s new car and gone bathroom shopping.  I promise. 

You, dear blog, will now be my accountability partner.  I’ll be sharing my plans and my to-do lists with you, but, more importantly, I’ll be sharing my progress.  See that?  Progress, not lack of progress, but progress.  That’s confidence, that’s determination, that’s the first step in the right direction.

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